SW FL Restaurant Guide

Swip Alot Restaurant Guide

Swip Alot operates 6 restaurant websites/apps and another 6 Facebook groups that focus on food in Florida. Both restaurants as well as consumers are welcome to use the site. You can post about a business you’ve visited, or they can share their menus and specials. Additionally, you can leave reviews and ratings for the places you visit. There is no cost to use or post on the site.

Categories for the site were chosen based on numerous factors, including directories, advertisements and indeed suggestions from the businesses themselves. Some places may be cross posted to ensure they maximize their potential audience. Cross posting can include by category, or by site, provided that their location serves multiple regions. We will occasionally update the categories, based on need and advertiser requests.

Find the Sites

The sites and groups are set-up regionally:

North East Florida Restaurant Guide
North West Florida Restaurant Guide
Central East Florida Restaurant Guide
Central West Florida Restaurant Guide
South East Florida Restaurant Guide
South West Florida Restaurant Guide

We do understand you may not agree with our choices of which cities fall into which regions, and instead invite you to use one of our alternate sites or apps. We have coverage over the entire state of Florida, so it should be fairly easy to connect with something local. There are links to the other sites and Facebook groups on each of our websites.


We offer the same low cost advertising options on these sites as we do on the classified network. Helping the small business owner is our priority on all of our network. You can find more about advertising on each individual site, or by visiting the advertising page on the main website.

Classified ads on the sites have a 2 mb size restriction, however they are not restricted in dimensions. Our banner advertising is done in either 125×125, or 300×250. Advertising on our Facebook groups will be done with sizes such as 475×240, 475×720, or 500×500, depending on the requested ad space.


We do strive to maintain a healthy environment on our network of sites, apps, and social media accounts. Please contact Swip Alot if you have an issue with any of our ads, from banners to classifieds. We will look into any reports, and will potentially remove offending ads. Consequently, not all ads reported will be removed. To report problems on any of our social media sites, please use the report functions on any post.

Thank you for using the Swip Alot network to buy, sell, trade, and advertise locally.